The Mauli Ola Festival brings together a global tribe to celebrate, learn and generate new conversations about coffee, human rights, and earth-friendly practices like permaculture and Leave No Trace. Conversations like these are powerful force multipliers that can create real shifts in how the world works. Join us for the second annual Mauli Ola Festival, February 2-3 2018 at Wood Valley Farm on Hawai’i Island.

Wood Valley Farm - Mauli Ola

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Wood Valley Farm
96-2384 Wood Valley Road,
Pahala, HAWAII (HI) 96777


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Q: What does Mauli Ola mean?

A:  Mauli Ola is the Hawai`ian term for sacred, healing energy.  Similar to Qi, Prana, Mana, and other terms, however Mauli Ola is specificially the sacred light of healing.  According to
n. Breath of life, power of healing. Ka lā i ka mauli ola, sun at the source of life. Kihe a mauli ola, sneeze and live [exclamation to one who has sneezed, toward off ill effects].

Q: What is the Sufi Coffee Ceremony?

A: In the Sufi tradition, coffee is first cooked with spices called “jar”, which means nectar.  It softens the coffee and makes it gentler on the system.  In brewing, the method is similar to Turkish coffee.  What makes this different is that it is done with the entire community together, and there is dancing and singing with the coffee in a circle.

Q: Will there be something to eat?

A: There will be delicious, locally crafted organic, locally grown food and of course, award-winning ethical coffee available from local vendors.

To spend the whole weekend as a retreat where you don’t worry about meals, purchase the catered meal per day or purchase a ticket that includes meals.

Fresh, chlorine and flouride free potable water is available on-site.  Also, we will have available a limited kitchen space for those who would like to bring and cook their own food.

Keep in mind that Pahala has two convenience stores and a Long’s Drugs, so no grocery store is available.  The nearest organic food store is a tiny shop at Hawaii Island Inn, which is 15 miles away.

Q: Where else can I stay?

A: Bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals abound in this area.  You can check this link for a full list of accommodations.

Q: Will there be showers at the festival?

A: Yes.  Shower passes are available as an add-on ticket.  Please conserve water.

Q: What about First Aid and safety?

A: We have First Aid kits available across the Festival Grounds.  Ask one of the staff members with the pink t-shirts for help.  Ka`u Hospital with ER is located in Pahala town.  

Please be advised that your ticket is a waiver of liability towards Mauli Ola Festival, its staff, founder, parent company and related assets.  Your ticket can be revoked at the Festival without refund in the event that guest privileges are abused.

Thank you kindly in advance for your uplifting, loving vibes towards others at this festival.

Q: I have a question you didn't answer! Where can I get help?

A:  Yep, that can happen. We are happy to assist. Just send us your question via the contact form above and we will get back to you ASAP! 🙂