Aeo Wildflower / DJ Enata


Yoga Instructor / Performing Artist

Born in England, moved Stateside in 2008; Hawai’i in 2014.
Level 1 Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) immersion training in 2013, Espanola, NM. Lifelong student of the Madhyamaka system of Buddhism; various stress management techniques, and ardent proponent of common sense over religion, politics, money, or anything else!

Aeo stays in Mt.View, Hawai’i island on 6 acres of pristine rainforest, with his cat, Titi.

He yogas every morning, farms most days of the week, dj techno music and paint abstract canvases as often as can, when not beachside or working on infrastructure. Currently Aeo finds zen in learning IMOs and how to incorprate the principals into a truly self-sustaining (system-free) jungle food forest.

Other than tending to regular daily life activities, i have been in partial self-inclined retreat for over a decade. Close to my heart has always been learning and playing the gong and singing bowls, mantra recitation, and delving as deep as material life allows, into Buddhist texts, the ‘meat’ of religion, and how our planet continues its incorporation of all cultures, modalities and unique experiences.

The jungle, yoga, and all the inspirational people from around the world teach the same things – patience, humility, courage, the strength to sacrifice for our unique and shared higher purposes, but above all, our unitary human-ness.

I’m honored to be around such great spirits. Coming together will allow our group consciousness to blossom in new and exciting ways.