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The Coffee and Human Rights Circle is a community conversation about systemically shifting the coffee industry towards equity and justice. 

Sunalini Menon, founder of Coffeelab, who has a lifetime of rich experience in supporting coffee farmers globally,  will be presenting on her work empowering women within the coffee industry.

Sarah Allen, editor of Barista Magazine, will speak about her travels in coffee producing areas and the empowerment of women in coffee.

Sarah Grant, of USC Fullerton, will speak about the economics of justice in the Vietnamese coffee supply chain.

Be a Changemaker and make your mark on the future of Human Rights in Coffee.

  • Coffee producers with little economic security from year to year
  • Child labor and unfree labor
  • Workers are forced to live and work in dangerous and unsanitary housing situations
  • Economic injustice that is endemic to post colonial systems needs to be addressed methodically to create lasting change

These type of practices will continue if we don’t stand up.

We need to stand together for the small farmer, and we will do that at the Mauli Ola Festival, a joyful festival celebrating ecology, healing energy, the arts – and of course, farming. Coffee is a process of continually getting better, and we will discuss and reframe that conversation in our Coffee and Human Rights Circle.

Earth-based wisdom keepers, builders, healers and leaders like Youssoupha Sidibe, Holly Baade, Bonzai Holmes, Jasmine Silverstein, Molly Masaoka, Momi Aiu, and Adam Junod will come together and co-create an expression of collective artistry and beauty.

Help us shift the way the world works. Lives depend on it.

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