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Everybody feels like the world is going crazy and it is time to return to basic goodness and a sense of human decency.

We have to start with nature when we want to build a future that is sustainable, whether it’s human nature or the weather or the earth.

At Wood Valley Farm, roots for positive soil and plant relationships – run deep.

Malian, the visionary for this conscious and collaborative sustainable land-use project, grew up in Kansas. For a time, while she was very young, food was very scarce. Until one day, her aunt helped her and her family make a garden. The garden became Malian’s focus and she soon learned how, at just age 11, to grow her own food and prepare it with her family with pride and love for the Earth and for each other’s efforts.

The seed for the love of gardening was planted in Malian’s heart. And now, her heart is planting a seed that is a way of seeing how land can be used as a community resource.

Mauli Ola Festival is a joyful festival celebrating ecology, healing energy, the arts – and of course, farming. Earth-based wisdom keepers, builders, healers and leaders like Youssoupha Sidibe, Holly Baade, Bonzai Holmes, Jasmine Silverstein, Molly Masaoka, Momi Aiu, and Adam Junod will come together and co-create an expression of collective artistry and beauty.

Conversations like these are powerful force multipliers that can create real shifts in how the world works.


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It’s time! We need your help to launch the Mauli Ola Festival, a new event where we will discuss coffee, human rights, eco-friendly building and land practices, and more. But we have to raise the funds first! Every little bit helps – please contribute and/or share if you can!


The time to make change is now! Please join me in supporting the Mauli Ola Festival, a new gathering on Hawai’i Island that will bring us together to discuss coffee, human rights, permaculture and eco-conscious life.
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