Before and after the festival you may find yourself wanting to explore the surrounding island. Here is a list of our favorite site, hideaways, and amazingly beautiful locations on the island.

The “Big Island” is officially called “Hawai`i Island”.  It is also the county of Hawaii and it is known in Hawai`ian as Moku O Keawe or Moku O Hawai`i. It takes about 6 hours to circumnavigate the island.

Pahala is in Ka`u, the most remote area of Hawai`i Island.

Our district used to be enormous sugar plantations.  Like any plantation there were the bad things, people were driven like slaves in the old days and horsewhipped by the “luna” or white boss on horseback.

There was also the “camp” culture where people had a lovely culture of exchanging produce that they grew themselves or playing music together.  Religions and all races mixed together harmoniously, with a little teasing on the side.

On the Ka`u side, in the south east of the island where the workshop will be, there are some beautiful areas to visit.

1. Volcanoes National Park.  This park has the Jaggar Museum and the enormous and impressive Halemaumau crater where one can see the active lava.

2. Kipuka Puaulu Bird Park is high up where the indigenous birds still sing their lovely songs.  It is an easy hike

3. Punaluu Black Sand Beach is a wonderful place to see sea turtles, snorkel in a safe environment and see colorful fish, eels, crabs and other gentle creatures.

4. Mahana Bay Green Sand Beach.  This beach is made of olivine, a precursor to peridot.  It is beautiful and clean but a bit difficult to get to, about a f 5 mile hike from the road.  Some people have vehicles that they will drive you there with.  It can be a bit windy but it’s worth a mention because it’s so spectacular.

5. Eating in Volcano: Kilauea Lodge, Ohelo Cafe, Cafe Ono, Tuk Tuk Thai Food Truck.
Eating in Naalehu: Hana Hou, Shaka’s restaurant, Punaluu Bakery.  Grocery at 76 station and at the Hawaii Island Inn, farmer’s market on Wednesday and Saturday from 7-11 am.

Nearby is the South Kona district, which is incredibly beautiful and tropical.  A lot of coffee is grown in South Kona, as well as fruits like banana, mango and noni.

1. Dolphin tour in Kealakekua Bay.

2. City of Refuge historical site and heiau (temple)

In North Kona:

1. Lyman museum in Kailua Kona

2. Hapuna Beach

3. To see some hula there are luaus at the Sheraton and King Kamehameha Marriott Hotel.

Kohala district:

1. Puu Kohola Heiau: the place where Kamehameha built a heiau and sacrificed to the gods to unify the Hawaiian islands.

2. Waimea: Waimea Coffee Company is very good, a cute town with shops, rodeos, theaters.

3. Hawi: adorable tourist town with gift shops.

4. Honoka`a: adorable town similar to Hawi

5. Waipio Valley: huge valley that is really difficult to hike out of but one can stand at the top and take photos of this historical site for the Hawaiians where they used to grow amazing amounts of taro.

6. Mauna Kea: Mauna Kea is the clearest view of the stars in the world probably.

Hilo district:

1. Akaka Falls

2. Rainbow falls

3. In Hilo: The Locavore store, Conscious Culture Cafe, Kamana Kitchen, Hilo Bay Cafe, Extreme Exposure Gallery, Basically Books, Hana Hou Hilo, Tsunami museum, Imiloa Astronomy center, Cafe Pesto.

Puna District:

1. Lava Tree State Monument:

2. Pahoa town:

3. Lava tours:

4. Uncle Robert’s awa bar, night market and Hawaiian music:

5. Kapoho champagne ponds:


Photo by Paul Haar via CC License