Youssoupha Sidibe


Sufi Coffee Ceremony

I’m bringing the African teachings about spirituality. My teacher’s village is a sovereign nation inside of Senegal called Touba. Because of that, he was able to preserve culture from before colonization. Even though the surrounding areas were affected by slavery, how we dress and how we carry ourselves is above the colonization because it didn’t affect us. Our way of brewing coffee is first to roast it on the fire. I use this tool for popping corn on the fire, for roasting coffee and it works really good. We mix the coffee and a spice called jar. My master taught us to use the jar because it makes the coffee healthier, it doesn’t affect you so hard. When we do the coffee the way my master taught us, it becomes a sacred brew. We brew it with a ceremony and drink it together in community. Then we sing and dance together. It’s a sacred ritual, not like everyday. I came to be a part of the Mauli Ola Festival through Malian, knowing her and traveling to her farm, understanding what she does and trying to support what she does.